22.06 / PhD Defence @ Université de Strasbourg




“The thesis in fact offers an excellent example of what artistic research can contribute to science, and vice versa. The outcome of the thesis paves the way for future work in the domain known as technology enhanced learning and assistive music tools. The work of Pavlos Antoniadis can be considered as pioneering work in this field.” – Marc Leman, president of the jury

On 22.06.18 I defended my PhD Thesis in Musicology by the title “Embodied Navigation of Complex Piano Notation: Rethinking Musical Interaction from a Performer’s Perspective”, completed under the supervision of Prof. Pierre Michel (LabEx GREAM, Université de Strasbourg) and Frédéric Bevilacqua (Head of Research, UMR STMS IRCAM-CNRS-Sorbonne Université). The jury comprised also Prof. Marc Leman (University of Ghent), Prof. Sofia Dahl (Aalborg University), Prof. Philippe Lalitte (Université de Bourgogne) and Prof. Anne-Sylvie Barthel-Calvet (Université de Lorraine).

The thesis was unanimously evaluated as exceptional in all four relevant domains (overall scientific quality, quality of the submitted manuscript, quality of oral presentation, quality of discussion with the members of the jury) and praised as innovative, a “new point of reference” in the domains of practice-led research and technology-assisted learning.

In the following links you may access the report of the defence and the full text of the PhD thesis.


Rapport Soutenance Antoniadis

PhD Thesis Pavlos Antoniadis Depot


25.05 / Felix Guattari: Pour en finir avec le massacre du corps, performance with Έλλη Ιγγλίζ, Savvas Stroumpos (Zero Point Theatre Group) @ Κτήριο Συλλόγου Ελλήνων Αρχαιολόγων, Ερμού 134, σταθμός ΗΣΑΠ Θησείο, Athens



Μουσική – θεατρική περφόρμανς για τα πενήντα χρόνια από τον Μάη του ’68. Πιάνο: Παύλος Αντωνιάδης. Ηθοποιός: Έλλη Ιγγλίζ. Μετάφραση – σκηνοθετική επιμέλεια: Σάββας Στρούμπος. Ακολουθεί διάλογος με συντονιστή τον Σάββα Μιχαήλ, με θέμα “Φαντασία και Εξουσία”.

Παρασκευή 25 Μάη, 7μμ. Κτήριο Συλλόγου Ελλήνων Αρχαιολόγων, Ερμού 134, σταθμός ΗΣΑΠ Θησείο.

Είσοδος ελεύθερη.

Το κείμενο δημοσιεύτηκε στο περιοδικό ΠΑΝΟΠΤΙΚΟΝ τ.23




11.05 / New GesTCom Videos

The GesTCom (Gesture cutting through textual complexity) is a sensor-based environment for the processing of complex piano notation through physical movement. It has found application in performance analysis, embodied learning, piano pedagogy, contemporary composition, free improvisation and score-following. This project has been supported by LabEx GREAM , Université de Strasbourg, Frédéric Bevilacqua and the ISMM Team at IRCAM, and Dominique Fober at GRAME, Lyon.


23.04 / Vortrag + Aufführung: Walter Zimmermann’s “Wüstenwanderung” & Interaktive Systeme für Klavierpädagogik @ Universität der Künste Berlin

Vortrag und Aufführung von Walter Zimmermanns “Wüstenwanderung” für Klavier, im Rahmen des Kurses über zeitgenössische Klaviermusik (Leitung: Linde Großmann,Axel Bauni und Björn Lehmann) an der UdK. Dazu eine Demonstration auch von GesTCom, ein Interaktives System für die Pädagogie der komplexen Neuen Musik.

23.04, 18h, UdK, Raum 212, Fasanenstraße 1B

UdK Berlin


06. & 07.04 / workshop on interactive systems for pianists and children @ Institut für Musik und Musikerziehung, Akademie für Tonkunst, Darmstadt


Pianists and piano students, save the date: On Friday, April 6, 17:15-19:15, Frédéric Bevilacqua and I will give a workshop on the use of interactive systems for learning notated piano music. You can put your hands on state-of-the-art tools developed at ircam, such as inertial sensors, patches for recording and play-back of multimodal data, the motionfollower and my GesTCom (gesture cutting through textual complexity). You will also be introduced to the “embodied navigation of complex notation”, my method for learning notated music through movement.

On Friday and Saturday morning, we will host, together with Verena Wuesthoff, two workshops for children and adolescents. The participants will explore MO-Objects, the differences between electronic and acoustic sound, interactive scores and the motionfollower in allelomimetic actions with or without instruments.

You may register here:

26. & 27.03 / Concert & lecture on Walter Zimmermann’s “Wüstenwanderung” @ Cité de la Musique et de la Danse & Université de Strasbourg


Le 26 mars 2018 à 20h00

Cité de la musique et de la danse

1 place Dauphine, 67000 Strasbourg


Tram C/D arrêt Etoile-Bourse

Entrée libre

  • The Edge pour soprano, clarinette, piano, violoncelle et sons fixés (1994, 13′)
  • Wüstenwanderung pour piano (1986, 20′)
  • Klangfaden pour clarinette basse, harpe, glockenspiel (1983, 15′)
  • The Paradoxes of love pour soprano et clarinette (1987, 7’30)
  • Echoes / umbrae Idearum pour soprano, flûte basse, cor de basset, violon, alto, violoncelle (2000, 12′)

Concert donné par l’Ensemble Accroche Note et organisé par Armand Angster, avec le soutien du GREAM, de la HEAR et de l’Académie Supérieure de Musique de Strasbourg, dans le cadre de la Résidence « Autour de Walter Zimmermann » organisée par Pierre MICHEL (membre du GREAM) du 26 au 27 mars 2018.


Le 27 mars 2018 de 09h30 à 17h00

Misha (université de Strasbourg)

5 allée du Général Rouvillois, 67000 Strasbourg, Salle Europe

Tram C/E/F arrêt Observatoire

Entrée libre